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Some people might think we should name our marriage series “Ball and Chain.” It’s an American decision to make a mockery of one of God’s gifts to humankind: marriage. “Ball and Chain” implies one thing, “Marriage stinks.” I can guarantee you this, what God designed in marriage is far from stinking!!! What’s been lost in our culture is a clear purpose and process for every marriage to become a thriving example of God’s love and grace expressed between a groom and his bride. Jesus calls the church his bride on purpose. The level of love and commitment it took for Jesus to redeem humanity is a picture of how a marriage can rocket into blessing. Let’s recapture together the purpose of marriage and find that every marriage can be strengthened, healed, and preserved.


SINGLES – don’t check out. Even if you never plan on getting married, this series is life-giving for marriages. Learn and share. You just may be the catalyst to save a marriage! That’s Kingdom building goodness!



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