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Our goal, as a ministry, is to bring glory to God and to help students become more engrained into the body of Christ. We believe that the most effective way to do this is to help equip students both for now and for their futures. This is why we do everything we can to equip students during their time in illuminate youth, as well as encourage them to be engaged at church, with their friends, and with their families.


illuminate youth exists to help students move from a lifestyle of living for the world to one of living for Christ. Whether a student has never heard the name of Christ before, wants to learn more about Jesus, or wants to equip him/herself to live a life more Kingdom-focused, illuminate youth has a goal of helping students take those next steps in towards Christ, wherever they are in their spiritual walks.


// Anoint: “Abundant Life in Jesus”

We want students to accept Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to change their lives.


// Equip: “Community Transformed By God’s Word”

We want to equip students with the Truth of Scripture.


// Advance: “Passionately Advancing the Kingdom”

We want to provide students with opportunities to invite friends to hangout and get connected with believers.


// Endure: “Lifestyle of Worship”

We want to help students live entire lives of freedom in Christ, both during and after their time in illuminate youth.

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To help students move from a lifestyle of living for the world to one of living for Christ, our ministry provides opportunities in the form of a “Three Point Turn.” These three points help students, wherever they are in their spiritual walks, to make strides toward the next steps of their faith.

Plug In

-Plug-In: These are opportunities for students, believers or not, to “plug in” and hangout. Plug-In nights are opportunities for students to invite their friends to fun, non-intimidating events. From movie nights to lock-ins, Plug-In events exist for students to meet friends & volunteers, have a good time, and to enjoy community with a great group of believers.


-Ignite: This is where students have the opportunity to come together and worship the Lord. As one body, we all engage in prayer, worship, and receive a Word from God. Ignite services can be life-changing nights for anybody committing his/her life to Christ, whether to a deeper level or for the first time ever.


-Fuel: The lifeblood of illuminate youth, Fuel groups are where students meet on a weekly basis. This is where groups of 10-12 students come together, dive into Scripture, and form opportunities to learn, to share, and to be accountable with each other. Fuel groups are led by volunteer leaders who help students apply Scripture-based topics to their everyday lives.

// illuminate youth meets every Wednesday!

6:30pm – 8:00pm @ The illuminate Church Offices (1134 Celebration Blvd.)

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