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(John 1:29-33 // Matthew 28:19-20 // Acts 2:38)


I’M IN! ALL IN. That’s Jesus’ mindset when it comes to how much He loves you. His commitment to you took Him all the way to the cross. What great love Jesus has lavished upon us! What then should our response be to this great salvation? I’M IN! ALL IN.

Baptism is a sacred practice where an individual gets to make a public declaration. In Baptism, each believer gets to tell the world, “I’m in.” In the family of God. In partnership with all Christ follower’s to tell the world about Jesus. In with heart, soul, and mind to support the local church.


In Baptism we have the joy to be buried in the water as Christ was buried in the grave and then be raised to newness of life. That’s a great celebration.

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