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Illuminate U is designed to equip disciples of Christ to be world changers. Each class is built around our four spiritual values; Meeting God, Growing Spiritually, Making A Difference, and Discovering Freedom. The classes are more than just a lesson, but an experience. Illuminate University will educate, equip, and empower you as the Church to change the world for Christ.


Each class is free, and  provides you with a binder filled with notes, along with lunch! We believe that illuminate U is an investment worth taking!

Making A Difference

Making A Difference is an experience designed to help you discover why we are illuminate church and what it means to be an illuminator. This class will teach you how to let the light (Jesus Christ) shine within your world and how the local church will help you reach your full spiritual potential in Christ.


Discovering Freedom

Discovering Freedom is designed to help you become who you were created and redeemed to be. In Christ, we have the ability to enjoy a high level of spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical freedom. Obstacles such as lack of understanding, fear, and unforgiveness can lead to uncontrolled emotions, compulsive thoughts, destructive behaviors, or broken relationships. All of these hinder our joy and spiritual power. Discovering Freedom teaches and assists us in engaging the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome these obstacles so that we can experience the abundant life that Jesus provided for us.


Growing Spiritually

The Growing Spiritually experience is designed to teach the fundamental steps of growing in Christian maturity. This class will show the importance of studying God’s word, prayer, living within biblical community, and sharing Christ. We will discover how to foster growth in our lives as well as how to help others do the same.