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Live The Dream


illuminate Young Adults exists to change the world. The heart of this ministry is to be made in the image and likeness of Christ. Compared to the status quo of our generation, our dream is to see young adults become disciples. Our desire is to fulfill the Great Commission by reaching people who are unconvinced. This makes us a community that is fostering the salt and light we are called to be, while cultivating our gifts and talents to advance the Kingdom of God.

Plug In

We believe that community is a necessity for growth. This is where we educate, hold one another accountable, and challenge each other to be disciples of Christ. Everything we do as a community is to develop this generation to impact the world.


We know that discipleship is the heart beat of our dream. We cannot live the dream without being a disciple of Christ. We can’t make a difference in the world without becoming more like Him, so everything we do will be centered around being a disciple and making disciples.


Mission In Action is the driving force that will take us out of our personal world and enter the world around us. Our desire is to serve the local community, go on mission trips, and enjoy retreats that will help us refocus. As we equip ourselves through community and discipleship, we will apply what we learn by living it out. This is where we make an eternal significance and reach people around the world. Our dream is that we will always be M.I.A.

George Dirling | Young Adult Pastor

// Pastor George is a graduate from Southeastern University and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. During his time at both institutions, his passion for young adults grew. With seven years of young adult ministry experience, he knows he was called to do ministry with others. George has recently married his wife Sydney, whom he met at Liberty University during their time there. They both love investing in young adults and being disciples of Christ. Their heart is to see the next generation develop their God-given gifts to advance the Kingdom of God in their families, vocation, and relationships.

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